Gessert Group Medical Marketing Production

The marketing materials illustrated on this page represent examples of 6 years of award winning print and 3D animations that were created for various Fortune 500 companies in the Medical field.

Some happy clients included Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Medtronic, Baxter, and many others.

Personal Animation Demo

This Demo is constructed of excerpts from a variety of animation I completed over a 6 year career as an Interactive Designer and Animator for the Gessert Group

Opening animation for Milwaukee Brewers Jumbotron

This animation was played on the Brewer Jumbotron before each game of the opening season of Miller Park

Eli Lilly: Olanzapine Animation Demo

This animation demo is an excerpt from a program illustrating how mood stablilizers affect a persons brain

TPN Logix Sales Meeting Opener

This animation was for an annual sales meeting for Baxter

Novacor Demo

This animation was a demo illustrating how an LVAD system works inside the body